KITT-Simulator 2.5

KITT is the short name of the car computer from the adventure Knight Rider
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Elements of the dashboard
- main dash with digital displays and monitors and the four main buttons
-steering wheel
- left and right switchpod with 2x10 buttons
- eject left/right module (appears only if eject is activated)
Showing and moving the dash
You can move the dashboard with the drag and drop method. Whereever you drag and drop with the mouse on the screen, it always moves the dash. To show the whole dashboard hit the key "Z" (zoom). This is a toggle switch, you can switch between original size and small size picture.
Turn off/on the dashboard
Use the "POWER" button under the monitors to turn your dash off and on again.
Using the steering wheel
Use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to turn the steering wheel. You can sound the horn by clicking on the knight logo on the right side of the steering wheel.
Driving mode
Use the "AUTO", "NORM" and "PURSUIT" buttons under the monitors to choose the driving mode. To make it easier for you, you can also click on the "AUTO CRUISE", "NORMAL CRUISE" and "PUSUIT" lights under the voice module to choose the mode.
If you choose "PURSUIT", look at the speedometer and tachometer displays and listen to the sound effects. You can zoom out with the key "Z" to see the whole dashboard.
1. The first and most wanted piece of software besides the new upcoming version, the never released before !
It will include many bug fixes, it will be more stable, part of the dash is 3D and the bonus content is free for CE buyers! I also fixed a crash with the surveillance mode so you can now actually use it! KITT will protect your computer without using expensive software and take screens of the cam when motion is detected.
2. KITT-Simulator , nothing more to it. It's just to make it a complete package. It will be 100% the same as the downloadable version.
3. KITT-Simulator , also exactly the same as the downloadable version. Just to make it a complete package.
4. The KITT-Simulator - Source code! See how it all started and feel free to modify it any way you want!
5. KITT-Simulator Sneak Peek - This is your change to be one of the first people to find out all sorts of stuff about the new upcoming version of the simulator. It will contain video's, screenshots and text files.
6. KITT-Simulator Premium Code - The new version of the Simulator will contain premium content. For example: interactive missions, online syncing, player to player messaging and more! All of this interactive content is premium. Premium content will be locked for users unless they buy a premium code. When you order the CE you don't have to buy it anymore because you already have one!

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